"Artist/painter. Amalgamating a

                      conscious surrounding environment

                     with borderline surrealist tendencies"



Based in Manchester, UK.

My work is narrative based and I'm largely inspired by nature. Human nature and the natural world. I'm a compulsive drawer which serves as the backbone to my paintings and a visual diary.

Common recurring themes throughout my work are love and madness, indigenous cultures and a sense of  journey into the unknown. I have a whole host of characters developed from my life experiences that often make an appearance in my drawings and paintings.

In practice my drawings tend to be direct. Inspired by events in every day life. They may be sourced from dreams, novels, a news story, a wildlife documentary or quite simply immersing myself in music and automatic drawing.

Through sketchbooks I move from one idea to another and if from dozens of drawings I successfully complete a handful, then I have made good progress. I see my drawings as finished pieces of work, but it is through the act of drawing itself that I develop my ideas for painting.

I begin a painting with a preconceived idea and working title. I may take elements from a drawing, but not to the extent that I'm purely enlarging a drawing onto canvas. I like to see my paintings grow into their own on the canvas. Immersing myself in them over periods of time, changing elements along the way so they grow into my ideals. I build them up in layers and washes and the process of developing a piece becomes a large part of my practice. The completion of a painting tends to be quite textured in parts with trails of marks and shapes echoing in the background.


I'm inspired by the genres of Magic Realism and Expressionism and there is an intended dark humour to my drawings and paintings. This is something that I both like to explore as an artist and wish to communicate through my work to the viewer. 





 © 2018 by Tony Wheeler 

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